De-Stressing…it’s a Chronic Problem

For any of you who have experienced the joys of an entire body massage, you know the feeling of what it feels like to be complete jello. That moment when they are done and all you can do is lay there and think “I don’t want to have to move”. I thought it would be like that for me now that I am not working, but it’s not. I think by the time that I moved, (packing and then a flurry of unpacking), the holidays (I hosted Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years) and then the flurry of packing all the decorations away and giving the house a good cleaning, I have now only been able to experience a miniscule amount of de-stressing.

However, I hear that some doctors tell you that 6 months just still isn’t enough time to undo all the stress of a decade and I can finally understand that. My shoulders are still tight, and I can’t seem to relax my body until I fall to sleep in sheer exhaustion. Problem is, what am I tired from? Grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, or sitting on the computer? I haven’t figured it out yet, but I need a plan. When you go to bed and you can’t unclench your muscles and take a deep even breath, there is something still severely wrong with you. Ok, well I mean there is still something wrong with me. I had my full body masage, but the tight knot under my shoulder-blade tells me that I still need more work to at least release the toxins of stress from my body.

Maybe it’s just the world we live in. Bills are due, house needs cleaning, laundry needs done, and there’s just one more thing you need to put on your to do list everyday. How do people do it? I look at all these blogs of “artists” and think how do you have time for your craft? Martha Stewart is a good example of women who seem to be able to do it all and look relaxed doing it. Grant it she has a team of people who do a lot for her, but you mean to tell me that she can pick apples in her orchard in the morning, think up a new pattern for one of her many home lines, make fresh apple sauce, deal with her 3 dogs, pigs, cows and employees and still look calm and serene by 4 in the afternoon? What’s her secret, I would really like to know!

I know coming down from a job that made you miserable can take a while and I’m sure all the activities of the holidays didn’t help very much, but really….when does this end? When am I going to feel “normal”? or is there such a thing as normal in our world anymore?



  1. Stacy Said:

    Oh my gosh thank you for writing this. I feel the same way and thought I was alone.

  2. paperdiva16 Said:

    Nope your not alone, and it’s great to know I’m not alone either.

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